List 18 Magnet for prostate

List 18 (for prostate adenoma, urinary bladder cold and enuresis in children)

Drink list 12 for 20 days, without interruption (water is forbidden). In every night, put on the urinary bladder region, one hot magnet, wrapped in a fabric soaked in wine. After the magnet has cooled, reheat it and change the position of the body, for 2-3 times in one night (lay on the back, on the right side and on the left side of the body). Repeat the treatment, if it
s necessary.

Observations: the magnet should be a permanent magnet, or a magnetized iron (magnetized steel), half the size of the palm, and still light enough to allow the blood circulation without pressing to much. Put the magnet with the attraction side on the region mentioned above. You can use two magnets, and in this case, one is hot, while, the other one is on the ground for discharging. For a new treatment or if you want to repeat the treatment use a new magnet.