List 6 Inhalation,gargle,baths

List 6 (Inhalation, gargle, posterior washes and baths)

1. Hazel – Corylus avellana 2.Common chicory (blue sailors, succory, or coffeeweed) - Cichorium intybus 3.Yarrow (milfoil) - Achilea millefolium 4.Dog rose –Rosa canina    5.European wild apple - Malus silvestris 6.Peppermint – Mentha piperita 7.Birch – Betula sp.  8. Chamomille - Matricaria Chamomilla 9.Black berry – Rubus caesius 10.Nut tree (walnut) – Juglans regia 11. Hawthorn (may bush, whitehorn, May, may thorn, quickthorn, whitethorn, motherdie, haw) - Crategus monogyna.12. Parsley – Petroselium arvense 13.Elder – Sambucus nigra 14.Oak - Quercus sp 15. Teil (Small-leaved Lime, Small-lived Linden or tile) – Tilia cordata 16.Trifoil (clover) - Trifolium arvense

Put 3 spoons of each plant in a fabric bag of white cotton sheet and boil it for 1 minute in 4 litters of boiling water. Using a sheet put on your head, make inhalations for 10-12 minutes (in the morning and in the evening or just in the evening). Take one glass of tea and use it as a gargle for 6 times, daily. Moisten the painful parts of the body with tea for 15-20 times, daily. Make one posterior bath for 20 minutes, daily (remove the bag).

Keep the bag cold, and use it for 3 more days. Boil it for 1 minute and repeat all the procedures every time you use it. Change the plants with new ones, every 5 days.