List 3 Tea for drinking

List 3 (tea for drinking)

1. Leopard’s bane (wolf's bane, mountain tobacco or mountain arnica) – Arnica montana 2.Cornflower (bachelor's button, bluebottle, boutonniere flower, hurtsickle, cyani flower) – Centaurea cyanus 3.Cherry - Cerasus avium 4.Common chicory (blue sailors, succory, or coffeeweed) - Cichorium intybus 5.Glossy buckthorn (alder buckthorn, breaking buckthorn or black dogwood) - Rhamnus frangula 6.Diuretic tea no.1  7.Hepatic tea no.1 8.Laxative tea  9.Mulberry – Morus alba 10.Bean husks - Fructus phaesoli sine seminibus 11.Wheat beans - Triticum aestivum 12. Pot Marigold – Calendula officinalis 13.Elecampane also called Horse-heal - Inula helenium 14.Corn silk, maize silk – Zea mays15.Birch – Betula pendula roth 16.Chamomille - Matricaria Chamomilla 17.Mallow – Malva sp.  18.Oat bean – Avena sativa 19.Wild pear – Pyrus pyraster 20.Dandelion – Taraxacum officinale 21.Hoary plantain –Plantago lanceolata 22. Parsley – Petroselium arvense 23.Twitch (quick grass, quitch grass, dog grass, or quackgrass) – Agropyron repens 24.Black locust – Robinia pseudoacacia 25.Wilow bark – Salix alba tristis 26. Sanicle – Sanicula europaea 27.Sea holy –Eryngium planum 28.Elder – Sambucus nigra 29.Shepherd's purse - Capsella-bursa-pastoris 30.Common Knotgrass (birdweed, pigweed or lowgrass) – Polygonum aviculare 31.White dead nettle – Laminum album 32.Sour cherry - Cerasus vulgaris 33.Mistletoe – Santalales sp. 34.Field bind weed – Convolvulus arvensis.


Put one spoon of each ingredient in 2 litters of boiled water. Cover it and live it for 15 minute (covered) for infusion. Drink 9-10 glasses of tea, daily, starting early in the morning, obligatory one glass before and one glass after every meal, or drink 100 ml (4-7 spoons of tea) hourly for 17 hours, daily. Make another tea in the next day (do not drink any tea remained from the previous day). It is not allowed to drink water during treatment. The tea can be sugared with natural syrups: raspberry, sour cherry, blackberry, fir, lemon and bilberry. Mix all the syrup or use only one type of syrup weekly, by rotation.