9 For gallbladder and parasites

List 9 (For gallbladder and parasites)

Grind one spoon of bitter salt (samarium) - magnesium sulfate (20 grams) together with 3 grams of sodium bicarbonate, 1, 8 grams of aminophenazone (or propyphenazone) or 6 tablets of paracetamol -acetaminophen (of 3 g each) and 4 tablets of Codenal (60 miligrams of phosphoric codeine).It is necessary to use all the ingredients.

Take one dose for 3 days, consecutively as it follows: in the morning, take one tea spoon and drink a glass of milk boiled and cooled and in the evening, take another tea spoon with another glass of milk boiled and cooled. You must repeat this treatment for 2 days.
For gallbladder problems (lazy gallbladder), take one dose monthly, or at 15 days. For parasites, take 4 doses, with a 10 days break between two consecutive doses. For children the doses must be halved (1/2 tea spoon).