List 1 Irrigation with vaginal irrigator

List 1(Irrigation with vaginal irrigator)

1. Yarrow (milfoil) - Achilea millefolium 2.European wild apple - Malus silvestris 3.Chamomille - Matricaria chamomilla 4.Parsley - Petroselium arvense 5.Trifoil (clover) - Trifolium arvense 6. Hawthorn (may bush, whitehorn, May, may thorn, quickthorn, whitethorn, motherdie, haw) - Crategus monogyna. If there is no pain you can add: 7. Nut tree (walnut) – Juglans regia 8.Oak - Quercus sp.

Put 3 spoons (one handful) of each plant in a fabric bag of white cotton sheet and boil it for one minute in 2, 5 litters of boiled water. Change the plants after 2-3 days, but boil it for one minute in every day, for preservation, after adding water till you have 2,5 litters. Make 1-2 irrigations daily, with the irrigator or with a special pump for women, using one litter of tea. If you make two irrigations daily, make one in the morning and another one in the evening. Keep breaks of 9 days in the menstrual period, starting with the first day of menses.