List 16 Cream for cicatrisation

List 16 (Cream for wounds cicatrisation)

Use two clean enameled cookers with the enamel intact, undamaged. Boil one litter of milk in one cooker until the milk foam is half finger raised, without cracking the lick, than boil the milk in the other cooker in the same conditions. Cool the milk and than boil it again in the first cooker washed and cleaned. Do the same and boil the milk for 5 times (once in a cooker than in the other cooker, as mentioned above).

Peel one red potato with the skin cracked (looking like fish scales) and chop it using a chrome knife or a wooden knife made from dried oak. Put the potato when the milk is boiling for the fifth time, mix  it with a wooden spoon made from dried oak and boil it until it becomes thicker as a cream. Put this cream onto the wound and bind it with a sterile bandage, keep it for 48 hours and then wash the wound with oxygenated water. Continue this treatment until the wound is cicatrized.