List 13 Alcohol for inhalation

List 13 (Alcohol for inhalation)

- 24 tablets of simple aspirin - acetylsalicylic acid (of 0, 5 g each).
- 1, 8 g of aminophenazone (or propyphenazone) or 6 tablets of paracetamol-acetaminophen (of 3 g each)
- 3 g of sodium bicarbonate
- 60 milligrams of codeine phosphate (4 tablets of Codenal)
- 2 lemons with fresh peel 

Grind all the ingredients until you get a homogenous composite. Put the mixed composition in 1 litter of surgical alcohol (surgical spirit which is based on an ethyl alcohol and methylene blue mixture) of 80 degrees, in a dark bottle.

The treatment consists in 3 inhalation daily, at the mouth of the bottle, with a break of 6-7 hours between inhalations. Inhale 4 times through nose (expire through mouth), and than inhale 4 times trough mouth (and expire through nose) alternative for 4-7 minutes.

You can also, prepare a half dose of this list with 1/2 litter of medicinal alcohol +1/2 of drugs.