General rules and restrictions

Obligatory rules that must be respected for teas preparation and for UNCLE MICHAEL treatments

During (in the period of) treatment it is not allowed to drink any water, to eat cold food or cold liquids!

You can start the treatment if you have already half of the plants, with the exception of the list 15, in which case you must have the birch, the wheat berry, or even the red willow the list 10 with packing, the lists containing other ingredients, prepared from mixed drugs, as well as the lists in which is specified that you must have all the plants to start the treatment!

The teas must be boiled for 1, 5-2 minutes, and drunk in the same day. If you drink teas left from the previous day you must boiled it again.

Uncle Michael did not exclude, beside the teas, the treatments with drugs or even the operation, in some special cases!

For men, the most efficient treatment last 40 days in the period 1 September - 10 October, 1 December – 10 January, 1 March – 10 April, 1 June – 10 July, and this represents a complete treatment. For women, the treatment last 20 days before menses, with a break of 10 days starting with the first day of menstrual bleeding, followed by another 20 days of treatment and so on for 12 month.

Regarding list 15 you must avoid any radiation, unless is absolutely necessary, and any operation if you can, or until you can.
On birch sap collection, besides the rules described in the list, you must protect the flask (the bottle), respectively the sap, against rain, with an impermeable material tide up on the trunk above the “V” cut covering the beak and the flask without touching it.
For the plants that appear on several lists you must get more bags, and in the same way for the seed, fruits or root.
In addition to all this treatments, the man must improve his personal relationship with GOD, because Uncle Michael had always recommended, beside the teas, a spiritual program (prayers, assisting in liturgies, novenas in the first Friday and Sunday of the month, wake with liturgies, especially in day 12 -13 of the month, paid liturgies, remembrances, or even conversion, confession, anointment etc.). Until year 1990. “He had given the rosary“to more than 60.0000 peoples and all these millions of miracles were possible…


Drinking tea preparation method: (gived around year 1982)

-          put 1 spoon of each plant in 2 litters of water, than boil it for 2 minutes, and drink it before and after every meal between 100 and 300 g until the recovery is complete or 3-7 spoons hourly (18 hours tea, 6 hours break).

Baths preparation method: (gived around year 1982)

-          put one handful of each plant in a fabric bag, than pour hot water over the bag or boil it for one minute in 20 litters of water. The plants can be used for 2-3 times, and the water for 4-5 times. The plants must be covered after the first use. Have 2 baths daily, around 30 minutes or more. The period of treatment is between 20-40-80 days, as appropriate.