List 15a Sap (for cancer)

List 15a Birch sap (for cancer)

Birch sap can be collected only in spring (from February 20 till April 10 in North part of Earth), practically in March. If it’s collected and dinked properly, birch sap can be five times more efficient than the tea. It had a great power of healing and regenerating, Uncle Michael named birch sap as the “WATER OF LIFE” and he said that “no matter how ill is one person , if he drinks 20 l of birch sap, he will not die in that year”. One litter of quality birch sap has the same effect as 20 days of treatment with list 3 and 12, and 20 litter of birch sap has the same effect as one year of treatment with list 3 and 12. The sap collected at the mountains (hills) is the most efficient one, collected from several trees (7-8) and drunk at the place of collection, walking around and drinking one glass from each birch, and than starting all over. Ideal quantity is 3-6 litters on each day. The quantity of birch sap is more important than the number of days, so: 20 litters - enough, 40 litters – good, 60 litters – very good, 80 litters – exceptional, and 100 litters (and extra) – perfect. In this period of drinking birch sap it is recommended no to drink water or other liquids, only birch sap.

The birch sap can be drunk even if a person is healthy (Uncle Michaels says that after the Cernobil nuclear accident, no one is healthy, even the animals and plants are ill).

The collection technique is very simple, and we have to consider a few things:

1.The cut must be very little, oblique-vertical, and must not exceed the third part (1/3) of the tree circumference, or can be a “V” cut, so that the tree injury to be minimum. Only in the next year you can make another cut on the same tree, but only in the opposite part for no interruption of the sap circulation. In conclusion, DO NOT VANDALISE THE TREES because you may need it or another ill person may need it. Vandalizing the trees in commercial purposes is an irresponsive action, and God is drawing back his “Gift” if the intention is not pure.

2.You must use only stainless still knifes or saws.

3.At the bottom of the cut you must put a switch or a plastic “beak” made from a plastic flask cut in two pieces and beat it with a hammer. DO NOT USE METAL FOR SAP OWERFLOW, because the metal annihilates the therapeutic quality of the sap. Therefore, it’s strongly recommended that you provide sap only from trusted sources, when you know for sure that it isn’t used any metal for sap collection.

4.Then, the cut must be cleaned from sawdust, so the sap may drip over the switch or over the beak in to a bottle or a plastic flask.

5.After that, you must bind fix on the tree a bottle or a plastic flask (DO NOT NAIL THE TREE AND DO NOT COLLECT THE SAP IN TO PLASTIC BAGS!) positioning so that the sap can drip into bottle.

6.When the bottle is full, you must take it and replace with a new one. It is recommended to put the bottle on north direction so that the sun light do not heat the sap, and altered the therapeutically quality of it. 

7.If it rains, we must put a nylon foil over the flask above the cut so that the rain water do not enter in to the flask or into the cut. The rain water also annihilates the healing power of birch sap.

8.The birch sap must be kept on cold, and must be consumed in maximum 24 hours after collection. After 24 hours, the therapeutically qualities of the sap decreases very much.

9.ATTENTION: Do not drink cold sap and do not drink sap when you’re feeling very tired cause it has no effect.

10.At every 3 days you must wash the cut and clean the mucilage formed.

11.Do not use the sap if the mucilage is abundant, or if the sap is turbid, with flocs. In this case you must throw out the switch and close the cut using soil from the bottom of the tree, and that tree can be used only in the next year.

In conclusion, do not use metal, do not dilute the sap, have a good hygiene, drink the sap in maximum 24 hours, do not drink it very cold or when you are very tired, do not drink another liquids or water during the treatment, do not drink it if it’s not perfectly clear, or it has a modified taste, and the healing is assured.


You can drink birch sap together with hornbeam sap (Carpinus sp.), with several recommendations:

1.Proportion is: 85% birch sap and 15% hornbeam sap.

2.The action of these two is complementary: the birch sap regenerates the big organs, while the hornbeam sap is active on the systems (functionally)

3.The hornbeam sap is collected in the same way as the birch sap, but the collection period is shorter (it appears after the birch sap and disappear before the birch sap) approximately 2 weeks.