List 10 Packing against ache, pain

List 10 Packing against ache, pain (and for(knuckle-)joint)

We use 5 band of white sheet material of 15 cm width and 15 cm length as requires the pain zone. The pieces of sheet material must be placed on the skin altogether, as the followings: if the patient drinks tea, the first is dipped in tea, and it is applied direct onto the skin; the second sheet is dipped in boiled milk and it is applied onto the first one, the third band is dipped in plum brandy of 52-54 degrees and it is applied onto the second one; the fourth compress is dipped in white wine and it is applied onto the third one and the fifth compress is dipped in red wine and it is applied onto the fourth one.

On top all these compresses we put a layer of sugar beet leaves (Beta vulgaris) or slice of sugar beet of 2 mm thickness (we can substitute the sugar beet with coltsfoot -Tusilago farfara, burdock –Arcticum lappa, grape wine – Vitis vinifera).You must apply these compresses for 6-8 hours in every night (for 10-20 days as is necessary) in the zones with pain or classical, in four places: 1- around the forehead, from the hair base to the nose base, 2- around the neck, 3- around the chest under the arms, 4- around the belly over the umbilicus. 

After 2 hours, if the body temperature is still high, or if the patient has ague or sensation of ice needles or has goose flash, the compress must be removed. We can try to put again these compresses, in the next night.

After removing the compress, the place must be massaged with this solution: 1/2 medicinal alcohol (80 degrees) and 1/2 natural perfume (in equal parts): lavender, lily-of-the-valley, lent-lily, roses or lady’s delight.