Short Biography

Biography of UNCLE MIHAI


Born Oct. 12 1924, in the village of Pralog, county of Satu Mare, Romania, in Neamtu family. His father was a teacher, in the school of the village, and a parish clerk at the Greek-Catholic church. The first born child is Ana, who spent her time with Mihai all his life, and who helped him in his mission. The family had 12 children.


Mihai had finished 5 years of elementary school and he worked like a parish clerk at the local Greek-Catholic church. In a certain moment in his life he feels the call to become a monk. He goes to Bixad, to the Mother of God monastery where he works like a parish clerk.


At the age of 14 he fell from a tree and he injured his left hand, as a result, his left hand paralyzed. Soon the whole left side of his body became paralyzed and all his life was a suffering and sacrifice.


Virgin Mary appeared to him many times since his childhood. One time, she asked him to chose between the possibility of being healed or to gain the power to heal other people. Mihai had chosen to suffer in the name of God the sufferings of the body of Jesus.


Some of the many supernatural signs that prove his special vocation:

 1.As a child he went with his parents on the field, to work. Where he was it started to rain, though it was a nice sunny day. His parents had to leave him home among the icons.


2.When he was 18, Virgin Mary appeared to him as a little girl, she set in his arms and said: “Mihai, speak.”

He answered: “Virgin Mary, I am afraid of the communists.”

Virgin Mary: “I will personally defend you, and you will not be harmed like I was not when I was on the Earth.”


Mihai accepted Virgin Mary’s request, and he receives the gift of seeing in peoples souls. He healed the sick and helped those in need, converted atheists; he turns the unfaithful to faith. He did all this with prayers, personal sacrifice, and with the use of a recipe that he received from God. Thousands of healings are conformed in the country and abroad.


Uncle Mihai never diverted from the rules of the Greek-Catholic church, and from the Saint Vasile order. Many priests and monks can attest this. Those who followed him along his life say that he never sinned. His confession was a spiritual lesson even for the confessors.


He dies on June 23, 2000 in a high state of holiness. Final signs:

He dies on the month of Saint heart of Jesus, to whom he was much devoted; it was a Friday day, around 15:00, the same hour like Jesus died on the cross; he was buried on the Sunday of all saints, in the yard of the church he founded through his personal sacrifice; the burial takes place four days before the celebration of St. Peter and St. Paul’s day. These external signs are proof of his passage in front of God. At the burial there were 35 priests, many monks, and more than 1000 believers, from the country and abroad.


Saint Vasile Order arranged the gathering the information for the canonization process. We underline, that uncle Mihai was a monk in the Saint Vasile order from Greek-Catholic Province from Romania.


To count the GOD HIM Forever with saints and to welcome our prayers through him intervention, mediation.