Introduction: About Uncle Michael

Uncle Michael was and HE is, in fact, Saint Archangel Michael, and HE was called for help by Papa Leon the Thirteen and Saint Archangel Michael came, even if the Church didn’t search for Him. HE brought us help and HE gave us a legacy: the 24 forbidden words, prayers and teas. HE saw, at one time, the common past, present and future, the individual past, present and future, and also, the spiritual, physical, indwelling plans; HE knew what was more important and what had to be done. HE had cured peoples for more than 50 years, continuously, daily, from dawn till past midnight (millions of peoples) healing them spiritually, physically and healing there souls too, without asking for recompenses. HE also for free, had helped peoples with advices in their problems, teaching the truth and the good (the way to follow, the good way) to the open, wishful peoples, and all the peoples who had EARS TO HEAR. HE told us, the ones who had visited and loved Him, to call Him UNCLE MICHAEL, in fact, HE was a Greek-catholic monk, and all HE did was for good of the peoples and for rescuing their souls. It says and it’s written in the Holly Bible:” You can acknowledge the tree by the harvest and the man by his actions”. we saw and we are still seeing here is A man who did only good things for all. The graces of GOOD LORD and His giant work, made possible the healing of many diseases and millions of peoples. By some statistical, tolerant studies, in 50 years of activity developed in Prilog, HE had cured over 1 million and 500.000 people. HE never boasted about it, instead HE continued, in his love, to cure the bodies and souls of all the peoples who had asked Him. HE had used for all of these, special prayers an teas of DIVINE inspiration, but only in accordance with GOD’S will and Church dogma, suffering in getting these prayers and lists. HE did all of these things only to help the peoples.  Those who had known Him could only glorify the God, because all HE had done was for people to glorify the Lord alone. We could only gratify our Uncle, because by His giant work HE had made GOD’S will and had made only good things for the peoples. Personal, what we had learned from Him, from all the things that HE had done, was that the health of soul and beyond that, the rescue of soul is more important than the health of the body, and a smile, a good word (of love, of consolation), attention to our neighbor problems, all of these things didn’t cost, but, by all of these, we could make a better world.  So, we count on His prayers and prophecies, together with His tea that had cured millions of people with incurable disease from modern medicine - the results spoke for themselves. HE, also, had given us an example by His Christian action, humility, forgiveness, way of life, humbleness. HE said:   ” Prey and Prey for Me to stand by you in your prayers”. Yours humble servant Mihail (Uncle Michael).
He wanted His name to be written with “I” not with “E”, that was “MIHAIL” and not “MIHAEL”. So, we would try to write his name in every language with an “I”, or to take his name from Romanian language, using as an explication its correspondence in translation: MIHÁLY in Hungarian, MICHAEL in English, MIGUEL in Spanish, etc. Therefore, in any translation, copy or publication, the name must appear with letter “I”.
It is forbidden to use these materials in commercial purposes, for obtaining what so ever benefits (material benefit, fame, etc.) or for different interests or purposes. These materials will be used only for gratuitous healing and for people’s free information.

About our page  

All that is written in “Contents” is already accessible on our pages. We have just started this site, and gradually, we will load the site with new materials. In the same stage is the Correspondence, the polyglot dictionary of medicinal plants, same as the email box. We are waiting for the help of those persons that can send us materials, or can translate in any language. You can, also, load “our stock of medicinal plants” (our data base relative to medical plants), you just have to click on “Plants” button that is located in the top of the page, in the right corner, and than on the “Add plants/ Completions”. You can send any description of the plants, pictures of the plants or different nomenclature of different plants in your maternal language, or you can improve any description, nomenclature in different languages pictures that are already loaded on the site. We will check all the materials received from you and if the information is proving to be right we will publish it on the site (on the plants description, polyglot dictionary and synonyms).We want to thank you in advance for your help. MAY THE GOOD LORD REWARD YOU! In present, we are loading the dictionary of plants nomenclature, and in a few days we will have almost 100 medicinal plants in 7-8 languages together with their synonyms. Our means are very poor and all we have is already invested in these pages, pages that are published for free, without any commercial trick or without any benefit at all. Therefore, we want that the persons that could help us to be ready to do this for free, without charging us. We thank you very much for all! At the moment, we are loading the existent materials because we consider that what we have is very important for mankind. It’s imperious to promote the existence of a society without the forbidden words, without pronunciation of it, respectively a society that could use urgent, daily and regularly the prayers left by SAINT ARCHANGEL MICHAEL. Progressively, along loading the materials, we want also, to do: the improvement and enrichment of the pages, addition of explication, correction of translations, and correction of any error that may appear. Our world is in great “hesitation”, therefore, we strongly recommend all the prayers left for us by SAINT ARCHANGEL MICHAEL, which is also, the reason why we hurry to post all these on the site. These prayers of Uncle Michael must be told in series of 40, in a program of 40 days. We look forward for your materials about Uncle Michael and those left by Him and also for the correction of our pages.